Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

I never set out to be a judge. After graduating from law school and passing the bar, Prosecutor Art Ney hired me as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in 1984. When Joe Deters and Mike Allen became the elected Prosecuting Attorneys, they each re-appointed me to their respective staffs.  I prosecuted in Juvenile Court, Municipal Court, and Common Pleas Court.  I was the first female team leader in the Felony Division. While supervising a team of felony prosecutors, I tried adult and child sexual assault cases, domestic violence cases, and homicides.  I prosecuted six capital murder trials, which were some of the most complex murder trials in Ohio. During my 17 year tenure as a prosecutor, I earned an Instructor’s Certificate from the Ohio Peace Officers’ Training Academy (OPOTA) and I instructed at the Cincinnati Police Academy, the Hamilton County Police Association, UC School of Social Work and Continuing Education, and Tri Health, in the areas of domestic violence prosecution, homicide investigations, and emergency room protocol for sexual assault. I have also taught at the Citizens’ Police Academies for Loveland, Forest Park, Wyoming, Springdale, and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.  In 1999 I was appointed Chief of the Hamilton County Grand Jury. There I supervised all felony and misdemeanor indictments in Hamilton County, separated civil cases from criminal cases, and supervised the Victim Advocates’ Division as well as the county’s diversion program.