In 2014, at the request of two Cincinnati police officers, I created this program for victims of human trafficking. CHANGE Court is a 2-year program of intensive supervision probation, with four distinct phases, moving from detox and emotional stabilization to sobriety, empowerment, and independence. Like Mental Health Court, CHANGE Court is an Ohio Supreme Court certified specialty docket, and every two years I must re-submit my documentation to prove to the Ohio Supreme Court that I am complying with 70+ standards that they require of all l specialty courts. I presided over both Mental Health Court and CHANGE Court for two years before I could no longer manage both courts and handed Mental Health Court over to a colleague.  I feel that I am fully utilizing all of the talents that I have developed over the years in the court system. In addition to trauma, trafficked victims also suffer from addiction, homelessness, lack of self-esteem, and a multitude of physical health problems. The key to leading a trafficked victim out of addiction is to make intense connections, through wrap-around services and one on one support. As our momentum has grown over six years, I have been blessed with helping those who suffer help turn their lives around.