Judge as Mentor

Once I was on the bench and our kids were grown, one of the first ways I volunteered in my community was as a mentor.  My first mentoring relationship came from my participation in Miami University’s pre-law program for undergraduates.  As a judge, I wanted to give back to my Alma Mater. I began a two-year mentoring relationship with a young woman who eventually entered the University of Louisville College of Law.  I also mentored four other Miami University pre-law students.  At the request of a young lawyer, I volunteered for the Ohio Supreme Court’s “lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring program” pairing lawyers who recently passed the bar with established lawyers.  I mentored four new lawyers over four consecutive years.  The Ohio Supreme Court has asked me on three separate occasions to mentor new judges.  Two of the new judges were from Dayton Municipal Court, and the third was from Franklin County Municipal Court. As anyone who has been a mentor on any level knows, the mentor gets just as much out of the relationship, if not more, than the mentee.  It is inspiring to meet new lawyers and new judges; to learn their perspectives on the world, on their careers, and on the law.  They remind me of why I chose law as a profession, and they renew my passion for the work that I do.