Domestic Violence

As a Municipal Court Judge, I preside over domestic violence cases daily, protecting the needs of both the alleged victims and the accused.  I fashion pretrial bonds and protection orders designed to keep alleged victims safe while protecting the rights and work schedules of the accused, who are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.  If there is a conviction I address: treatment, safety, and most importantly, prevention issues for both victims and defendants. I am very passionate about the issues surrounding domestic violence.  I see both batterers and the battered as victims of circumstance.  No one is born with violent tendencies.  Violence is a learned behavior, handed down much like a family’s tradition of eating turkey at Thanksgiving.  I firmly believe that we have the ability to reduce domestic violence with better engagement and education for both sides of intimate partner violence. To this end, for years I participated in the Hamilton County Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee, which is a collaboration between law enforcement and social service agencies.  Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor appointed me to the Ohio Supreme Court Domestic Violence Advisory Committee, which is a statewide group of judges who meet to review practices and procedures on the state level. When the legislature or the Supreme Court creates a new law pertaining to domestic violence, it is this body that breathes life into the laws by creating procedures to carry out the law. My involvement in domestic violence issues is at the county and state levels. I deeply care for those who deal with this situation and work to ensure fairness and impartiality.